Amazon and the Video First Marketing Strategy

The results are in. The number one selling product during Amazon Prime Day 2018  in the United States, and the world, was a video device; the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. Think about it. Of all the products available on Amazon, consumers chose a product that makes it even easier for them to watch video! They didn’t choose a product to make it easier to read print, or easier to listen to audio. Video is where the action is.

What that means, in my opinion, is that if you’re not adopting a“video first” marketing strategy you’re falling behind in attracting new customers to your business. Consumers today spend more time than ever watching video on their television sets in home via broadcast, cable, satellite, streaming devices and OTT (over the top television).

NOW IS THE TIME to embrace video and tell your story to potential customers. Not tomorrow, or next month or next year. Right now.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Make a commitment to create your first video marketing campaign before December 31st, 2018.
2. Designate a portion of your marketing budget to video. I recommend 25% to start.
3. Before you tell your story, refine your marketing message:(a) What makes your business special or different from your competition. (b) What is your mission? (c) What is your brand promise? (d) What is your call to action?
4. Create your first video. YouTube has a very good tutorial, “How to make a great video ad, without breaking the bank”
5. Run your first video advertising campaign. I recommend Facebook. Quick tips and help from Facebook available at this link
6. Monitor your results. Rinse and repeat.

Now get started!  Much success to you. If you feel like you need some assistance feel free to reach out to us to set up a consultation


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