5 types of videos all small business must have to be successful

5 Types of Video

Video is the most important marketing method for any small business.  Here are 5 basic videos to start your video marketing strategy and attracting new customers to your small business.

Video #1: Introduction Video

This is a Video-Story Marketing must have.  It’s a simple video that tells your story and shares your mission. Why do you do what you do? Share it on your website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Shoot in in “square” orientation. Remember that most visits today to your website are from mobile devices and they love square video orientation.

Video #2: The Stats Video

A Stats Video is video that combines music and text that share important statistics about your industry!  

Find an emotional song on www.premiumbeats.com and assemble a list of facts and figures about your industry. People love facts and these videos are great for sharing.

Video #3: The Customer Success Story Video

Share victories your past customers achieved with the help of your business. Make them the heroes.  Capture them explaining the problem they had and how your business helped them solve it. Make sure they quantify the result in terms of number of new customers, or revenue increase etc… Bring their stories to life.

Video #4: The Q & A Video

Become the authority in your field by giving the best answers to questions. People turn to the internet looking for answers, so give them answers in quick to digest videos.   Deciding on what questions to answer is easy. You know your customers well. Take the top 3 questions potential customers have about your business, then answer them! To gain more questions, just ask your customers… you’ll have endless content!

Video #5: Reviews Video

What is the first thing people do when they first become familiar with your business? They Google your name followed by the word “reviews”. Many of you have 1 or 2-star reviews. The best way to counteract that, and to make sure people are exposed to your 5-star reviews, is to create a video with the title, “(your business name) + reviews”.  Simple take a 5-star review from Google, Facebook and Yelp and create a video that highlights these reviews.

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