Offline Video Marketing

Why Offline Video Marketing / TV Advertising Works, or Neuropsychology the secret sauce-

TV viewers are in a much more receptive psychological state than people who are online. When we search for something online, we dislike anything that slows down our quest. Quite the opposite with TV. When we watch TV, we listen more attentively and remember more details, all while jumping continuously from TV commercial to website and back again.

Neuro-Marketing:  Neuro-marketing is truly remarkable. This is the stuff the big ad agencies do not want you to know about. It’s a technique and strategy they have been using for years and it is incredibly powerful. What is neuro-marketing? It is the study of the brain’s response to advertising. It’s the study of how to move customers to action by speaking directly to the very center of the physical brain.

Some business owners new to marketing believe that purchase decisions are rational, well thought out decisions. Nothing can be further from the truth. People are very emotional when purchasing products, which is why offline video marketing is so important to tell that story and elicit an emotional response for a product when buying.

There are several psychological theories that offer a fantastic insight into why our brain’s work this way.

  1. Triune Brain Theory
  2. Left/Right Brain Theory

The University of Wisconsin has done studies showing that the first television commercial to air after an emotionally-charged news story has much better recall than ads that show during a regular television show, say a sit-com or a re-run. The notability of an ad is greater if it shows when a person is emotionally alert. When viewers are emotionally alert and charged, they are primed to receive new information; they want to know how to respond. We have 40 years experience in creating video advertising that successfully elicits an emotional response that leads to purchase. 

Your videos on Television plus your videos online, equal a supercharged response over either method used individually. Virtually all of the big e-commerce companies (including titans like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Expedia, Ancestry and eBay, and many others) are heavily invested in TV advertising. Having an advocate like Video First Marketing who has the expertise in both online and offline video marketing is crucial in today’s business world. Video Marketing is here to stay, we understand both versions of this medium and can help you navigate through the complex world and grow your business. 

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