The Jewelry Center

“Brian’s television advertising strategies have helped us grow from one location to three locations over the past 10 years”. – Dean Murray, Owner

Diamonds Select

“Our store is located in a small community near Madison, Wisconsin. We have been advertising, every month, on the ABC, NBC, CBS television stations for the past 9 years. Our business has grown substantially through Brian’s guidance”. – Tracy Bellefeuille, Owner

Lisbon Storm, Screen and Door

“We just purchased a 50 year old window and door business and need to boost revenue. Brian Baumann recommended we use television advertising on the major stations to attract new customers. After we spoke with some of his clients, we moved forward.

Brian immersed himself in our business. He wanted to know what thoughts and emotions went through customer’s minds when they ultimately made the purchase. He put together a commercial that really spoke to the wants of our target customers. He purchased airtime to run the commercial in shows that were perfectly targeted for what we were trying to accomplish.

We used a simple television commercial for several years without changing a thing. We have produced other commercials since, capitalizing on what we have learned. There have even been times where stopped the ads for a while because we could not handle any more business.

We went from $2,500,000 in sales when we started with Brian 9 years to over $10,00,000 today and have expanded our store, we need to expand again. We’ve also grown to be the largest Marvin window dealer in our region.” – David L. Wilhelm, President

Alabama Vein Center Madison, Alabama

“Your video marketing system is very effective in getting new patients in the door. We get a consistent flow of new patients calling us about our ambulator phlebectomy procedure. Even after using your system for almost two years, one would think that the results would slow down, but the calls keep coming in every day!

I’ve learned that any practice can go after new patients directly without having to rely on other Doctors for referrals.” – James D. Surso, M.D.

Burghardt Sporting Goods

“Brian Baumann approaches us about 10 years ago at a weak moment. We had been doing our own advertising for years, and when we got busy it was put off and forgotten. Brian showed up at the right time and we took a chance with our small budget. We did some radio and TV, sometimes at 3:0am, but no print.

He forced us to plan and execute and be a consistent presence in the market place. Brian is very professional and has put us in good spots while staying within our budget. We are now spending much more on television advertising because our business has more than doubled since we started with him.” Chip Burghardt, Owner Since 1881

 Baker Pool & Fitness Franklin, Wisconsin

“With Brian’s help we made three TV commercials, one for each major area of our business. As soon as we started running Brian’s commercials, customers came in. We ran the same commercials for two years – they still brought customers in.

We even had the news anchor from our NBC station come in and buy a hot tub. She said she the commercial for so long that she just naturally came in to buy.” – Joe Spychala, Co-Owner

Bedtime Bedroom Superstore West Bend, Wisconsin

“T.V. puts a brand or stamp of legitimacy on your business that no other form of advertising can match. I had always thought that TV advertising was too expensive until Brian showed me how affordable it really was.

He shows you how to create television commercials that not only bring in customers, but how to do them at ridiculously low costs.His advice is based on being in the business for years. He explains everything in a very straightforward manner.

Most importantly, his television advertising strategies have helped our sales increase dramatically! I would recommend him to any business that wants to bring in new customers”. – William Knackert, Owner

Bazaar Home Decorating Center Brookfield, Wisconsin

“I’ve known Brian for over 20 years. He KNOWS TV advertising and how to reach customers. Following Brian’s suggestion have helped me maintain my advertising budget and still reach my current customers along with attracting new ones.

Brian is intelligent, sincere and very comfortable to work with. He listens to your thoughts and ideas; then gives his recommendations to help you. Brian is a valuable resource for my business and any small business!” – Thomas E. Anheuser, Owner