Online Video Marketing

In today’s marketing environment everything is becoming more digitally focused. The main tactic used to promote a message online today is through video. There are several different ways to do that, and several different ways to target people. Below are the various online video marketing solutions we offer:


Social Video Marketing Campaigns: 

We will produce 30 videos per month and post them DAILY to 5 of your social profiles!

Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns

Facebook tracks everything you are doing online. We use the data to create Facebook Campaigns that work. 

YouTube Video Marketing Ads

We will create and manage a full YouTube campaign. It’s like TV commercials on steroids.  We get to hand pick the videos we want to place your ads on. We then post the videos to YouTube and manage the entire campaign. 

Instagram Video Marketing Campaigns

Instagram is taking over Facebook. It has the most loyal audience and your customers are on it for hours a day. We can take your product or service and run ads in front of your target audience.

Introducing GMAIL video campaigns

You can now deliver a full video message in Gmail. Most people don’t leave Gmail until they’re done and now, they can watch your full video message within their Gmail accounts. Then once they decide to visit you, they can. We will post your video to YouTube and then through AdWords post the video ad in Gmail. This type of campaign can be targeted in a cost per click model so you only pay when someone clicks on your video to go to your site, this way you know you are only paying for the most interested viewers.