About Us

Brian Baumann
Founder – Brian Baumann

We develop video that tells a story and elicits a response. We then craft Online and Offline video advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, OTT Streaming Video, Broadcast TV and Cable TV to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Our mission is to GROW YOUR BUSINESS now and in the future.

Who we are

We are a team of seasoned video marketing professionals who embrace the rapidly changing world of video and are passionate about what we do every day for our clients.

Our founder, Brian Baumann, has been associated with video marketing since he was a toddler. (ask him about that, he’d be happy to elaborate.)  His father was a pioneer in television advertising and used Brian as inexpensive “talent” in television commercials. Payment was in the sponsor’s products, not cash…what’s a 6 year old going to do with cash, anyway.  This experience was the beginning of Brian’s lifelong journey to perfect the art of video story-marketing for his clients.

Brian and his partners use their proprietary VSM© Video-Story Marketing system to reach your customers through Facebook, Instagram,YouTube, Instagram, Gmail, OTT (Over The Top TV), Broadcast TV and Cable TV.

Our Facebook strategy is implemented through a veteran partner of VFM who will help manage your page from start to finish. After auditing your page and social media strategy we’ll work with you to develop a new content menu of options to implement on a quarterly basis. This includes developing videos, blog posts and other media items. We then implement the content strategy and monitor all of it with google analytics to help optimize website conversions and leads. 

What makes us different and why this is VERY important:

There are many companies out there that can create an online video marketing campaign for you. But, there’s only ONE company that creates a highly effective online video marketing campaign AND takes your business to the next level by adding Broadcast TV and Cable TV advertising.

We have decades of experience and success in Television advertising, that others simply don’t. Offline TV is the secret sauce, combined with online video, that will take your business to levels you had only hoped for in the past.

Who we can help

Any Business Owner who wants to increase revenue, Retailers, Service Businesses and more.

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Text / Call: (414) 803-7322
Email: brian@videofirstmarketing.com

Address: 200 S. Executive Drive Suite 101 Brookfield, WI 53005