How It Works

The VSM© Video-Story Marketing System reflects the way our firm views the upcoming marketing world. Just as traditional video broadcast lead the way for targeted cable ads, video marketing is changing again. It has moved it’s way further and further into the digital space. This is hardly a new revelation, and by not getting in front of the current trends you risk the future of your business. Effective video marketing campaigns begin with a great video and finish with a well executed campaign.

We develop video that tells a story and elicits a response. We then craft online and offline video advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail, Broadcast Television and Cable Television to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

  1. Craft a video that grabs immediate attention, tells an emotional or humorous story with a call to action. Video has :03 to :05 seconds to attract attention.
  2. Produce video for each specific platform. You can’t run a broadcast TV commercial on YouTube. Each online and offline platform requires a different video length and specific order of content within the message to be most effective.
  3. Find your target audience and run your video ads in front of them. Create a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail account. Research Broadcast and Cable TV audience demographics and audience estimates.
  4. Track your viewers. Re-target them where they go around the internet with additional video.
  5. Track everything. Google Analytics, Facebook insights etc…
  6. Capture and nurture leads. Convert to customers.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

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