Left/Right Brain

Left Brain and Right Brain Concept

Our left-brains are cortex influenced; they’re analytical, rational, logical, and intellectual. That’s where the spoken word is housed. The left-brain deals with all this sensory information in our world. Can I touch it? See It? Hear it? Smell it? Taste it? The right brain is more reptilian oriented. It deals with dreams and imagination, instinct and the subconscious creativity that communicates through images and symbols, not words.

Getting back to Television is kind of dreamlike. It is a perfect ad vehicle to use to impact the right brain. Television can implant images like no other medium can. You use the visuals to condition your target customer so that they desire or want your product or service. Your image starts to play in their mind. The idea is to create a file in the target customer’s minds with your USP, your unique selling proposition. Your file, of course, will be one of many inside the folder for your product category. However, when your target pulls up that folder in their mind, you want your file to be in the number one position.

The real goal is to “be the folder.” Here’s what I mean. You want to be the folder AND the only file in that folder. If you niche your business, you can accomplish that. Example: Many law firms specialize in traffic accidents. But one firm could specialize in motorcycle accidents and create a U.S.P. to reflect that.

Right Brain / Left Brain: Divide and Conquer

The reptilian-dominated right side receives images through the eyes or the imagination. The left side decodes those images into thoughts and conclusions. That is important to understand, embrace and use.

The right side doesn’t understand words; it understands images and absorbs them through the imagination and the eyes. It decodes images and tells the left-brain, the logical thinking side, what to think about them.

As an advertiser, what you are doing is mind conditioning. I’d hate to use the word brainwashing, but you are conditioning the consumer’s mind, telling them exactly what to think about your brand or store, based on the images you project. You project images into their minds and automatically tell them how to interpret and decode those images, as opposed to letting them doing that on their own. This is an important concept to grasp and use.

As a television marketer, you want to divide and conquer. You want to intervene in this process and control the perception of your target. You want to disconnect the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so you can manipulate your targets’ thinking.

Divide and conquer is a perfect analogy. With television you can plant images in the right brain (non-conscious) using symbolism, subliminal imagery and pictures. Then add “voice-over” (announcer voice) and C.G. (words on the screen) to tell the left-brain how to decode those images. You tell the viewer how they should feel. You can use trigger words like “imagine if” or “what if” or “the home that you always dreamed of” to encourage and stimulate the right brain (non-conscious, daydreaming) to tell your left brain (verbal, thinking) exactly how to decode those thoughts into conscious language like; “I want that car” or “I need Viagra to feel like a man.”

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