5 Best Practices – Creating Video for Mobile Viewing

More than 75% of people who watch digital videos are viewing them on their mobile devices according to a recent study by eMarketer. Make sure the videos you create are mobile friendly and are created for mobile viewing.

Follow these 5 best practices for mobile video marketing success:

  1. Square. Videos produced in this format take up more space in the user feed making it more likely for users to view it and engage.
  2. Include text. You’ll want to optimize for sound-off viewing by using bold text to attract viewers’ attention. Most video ads in the mobile feed are viewed without sound. Show captions, products and logos.
  3. Call to action first. Lead with your biggest benefit first and the name of your business, do not leave it for the end of your video. By the way, the exact opposite is true when producing television commercials.
  4. Frame your story. Since you’re working with a smaller screen, you must consider the overall visual composition. Play with zoom, crop, text, action scenes, vivid colors to make your video story pop.
  5. Custom thumbnail. One of the best ways for your video to stand out is to create a custom thumbnail for your video. It will be the first frame people see before the video auto plays. Keep in mind to make sure that your custom thumbnail is less than 20% text.  

Mobile video consumption and effectiveness is growing rapidly. Don’t be left behind. Adopt a “video first” attitude in all your marketing. Contact us here or below to get started on a video first path. Also for an example of the above steps watch the below video.

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