Video Marketing is Brain-Rinsing

When I hear people say that repetitive TV commercials and video advertising is designed to brainwash viewers, I understand what motivates them to say that, however, I disagree. The term “brainwashing” is a little too sinister for me. I have always referred to what happens to the brain with the video advertising process as “brain-rinsing”.

Brain-washing is a destructive process, changing thoughts, perceptions and actions permanently.
Brain-rinsing is a non-destructive process where beliefs and actions are gradually changed temporarily. Light layers of belief are rinsed away by repeated video messages that place doubt in the mind of the target prospect. Then over time new thought patterns are “suggested”. New beliefs form causing new actions (engagement, purchasing etc…) to take place. The “rinse cycle” must be continually activated to prevent competitors from beginning their own rinse cycle with your customers.

But why video marketing messages? Can’t print or radio marketing messages have the same brain-rinsing impact as video? The short answer is no. Video has proven to be the best medium to use to create an emotional message to impact parts of the brain, on both a conscious and subconscious level, to cause people to change beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Neuro-marketing is the key. Each one of us has three parts to our brains. Picture a large box. Inside of that box, a smaller box, inside of that box yet a smaller box. Essentially that’s the way our minds are set up. We have a small part of the brain surrounded by a larger part and a larger part surrounding all of that. Video marketing is the best way to create an emotional response that can capture all three parts of the brain. However, keep in mind that a weak video will only really touch one part, a mediocre video touches maybe two parts, but a great video message has the power to touch all three parts of the mind involved in the buying process.

Use video marketing messages to impact the brain to rinse away existing beliefs and replace with new ones. It’s easy if you have a system. At Video First Marketing we do have a system. Check out how it works and contact us when you are ready for your marketing messages to rinse the brains of your customers.

Video First Marketing Blog Introduction

Video Marketing

Imagine you recently heard about a new business that has peaked your interest. After you Googled it to quickly learn more, would you rather read about it or watch a short video?

Given the choice, most people I believe, would choose the video first, then print.

Am I right?

My name is Brian Baumann. I’ve been in the video marketing business for over two decades.  I’ve experienced firsthand, the awesome power of video on television (i.e. TV commercial ad campaigns) to help unknown businesses rise up and become major forces in their market places. Read some of our testimonials to find out how I have helped businesses like yours with my expertise in the video marketing space.

Now, I’m expanding my video marketing agency to include digital video marketing services where I will help businesses like yours use video marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, andGmail to share your story, feature your product in action and deliver your call to action message.

You only have a few seconds to stop someone from scrolling and to grab their attention. Then, when a user clicks to watch your video, you have between :03 and :05 seconds to grab their attention and pull them into your messages’ call to action.

Quick Tips for Video on Certain Platforms


Produce square videos, they take up 80% more space in the News Feed.  Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off 85% of the time. Make use of “CG” or words on screen. Video length of :60 seconds is best.


Set an eye-catching cover image for your video. Once published, you can’t update. Video length of :60 seconds is best.


Use hashtags to get your video out to a wide audience. Video length of :30 to :60 seconds is best.


Create longer more in-depth content that educates and shares your knowledge. Video length of 2 to 5 minutes is best.

Now is the time to embrace a “Video First” attitude for marketing your business. Contact us here or fill out the form below to find out how.