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Video Marketing

Imagine you recently heard about a new business that has peaked your interest. After you Googled it to quickly learn more, would you rather read about it or watch a short video?

Given the choice, most people I believe, would choose the video first, then print.

Am I right?

My name is Brian Baumann. I’ve been in the video marketing business for over two decades.  I’ve experienced firsthand, the awesome power of video on television (i.e. TV commercial ad campaigns) to help unknown businesses rise up and become major forces in their market places. Read some of our testimonials to find out how I have helped businesses like yours with my expertise in the video marketing space.

Now, I’m expanding my video marketing agency to include digital video marketing services where I will help businesses like yours use video marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, andGmail to share your story, feature your product in action and deliver your call to action message.

You only have a few seconds to stop someone from scrolling and to grab their attention. Then, when a user clicks to watch your video, you have between :03 and :05 seconds to grab their attention and pull them into your messages’ call to action.

Quick Tips for Video on Certain Platforms


Produce square videos, they take up 80% more space in the News Feed.  Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off 85% of the time. Make use of “CG” or words on screen. Video length of :60 seconds is best.


Set an eye-catching cover image for your video. Once published, you can’t update. Video length of :60 seconds is best.


Use hashtags to get your video out to a wide audience. Video length of :30 to :60 seconds is best.


Create longer more in-depth content that educates and shares your knowledge. Video length of 2 to 5 minutes is best.

Now is the time to embrace a “Video First” attitude for marketing your business. Contact us here or fill out the form below to find out how.

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